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The Big Sleep
Chapter 3

Last time on Total Drama Island, Forty campers arrived and realized they’d be spending the next eight weeks at a crusty old summer camp.  The campers were faced with their first challenge; jumping off a cliff into shark infested waters.  And while most campers took the plunge, a few were forced to wear the dreaded chicken hat.  At the campfire ceremonies, it all came down to four campers; DJ was a big physical player, but refused to jump, Ezekiel managed to piss of most of the girls on his team, Owen was really nice, but started a romance and Jasmine was bossy and decided not to jump.  In the end the first two campers voted off of Total Drama Island were; DJ and Owen.  Proving being nice gets you nowhere.  Who will be voted off tonight in the most dramatic bonfire yet?  Find out by watching, tonight on Total Drama Island!
*cue theme song and we’re good*

Rabid Beavers:
The nine remaining Beavers were huddled together in a tiny tent with big holes, causing them all to be soaking wet.  Staci and Sadie lay in the middle, with Cameron on top, cocooned in a tent.  Tyler and Lindsay were intermingled in a tight embrace, with Jasmine leaning against Tyler’s back.  If Justin’s eyes weren’t closed, he’d be sitting up holding a hand mirror.  Gwen and Troy were back to back, the wettest of everyone under a big hole.  Suddenly a shrill whistle threw them from sleep.
“Are you kidding me?”  Gwen screamed, who’s head in the wake up, had shot through the top of the tent.
“This can’t be legal.”  Jasmine growled, exiting the tent.
“Yeah dude we were rained on all night.”  Tyler said.
“Then don’t lose next time.”  Chris laughed and walked off.
“Also I’d hurry back to the Rabid Beavers Cabin to change, you have five minutes.”  Chris finished.

Stacie – Okay, that was the worse night ever.  When my great-great-great Aunt Greta, invented tents she never intended for them to be full of holes.  But even more important, I miss Owen.  I didn’t have to brag about my relatives to make him like me.  *sighs*
Jasmine – Now with Owen gone, hopefully Stacie will continue to annoy everyone and buy herself a one way ticket to the boat of losers.
Lindsay – All that water was so not good for my hair.  But sleeping in Taylor’s arms was great. *swoons*
Tyler – Me and Lindsay really fit together, I’m so stoked to possibly have her as a girlfriend.

The Killer Bass:

The leaky cabins weren’t bad, but one boy and girl got situated with the leaky cot.  Beth and Sam were the unlucky campers, being constantly rained on during the night.  Chris stuck his head in the cabin window and blew his whistle.  All the Bass fell out of their beds.
“Last time I checked I didn’t sign up for the army!”  Courtney yelled.
“I know right?”  Katie said, rubbing her eyes.
“There goes my beauty sleep.”  Jose sighed, rubbing his temples.
“Oh come on, I’m all wet!”  Sam cried, to which Jose laughed at.
“You have five minutes, to change.”  Chris laughed.

Trent – Well the cabin wasn’t the best accommodation, but seeing the farm boy’s perfect butt above made it all worthwhile *grins*
Katie – I definitely miss being away from Sadie, but Beth and Zoe are great friends.  I guess Courtney’s like okay too.
Jose – Well my teammates and I may have gotten one of the short ends of the stick, but hear my words.  They’ll all feel loss when I’m done with them.  *smirks evilly*
Jo – The Turtles can enjoy their victory, while they have it.  If I have my way, my team will be kicking their butts out soon.

The Screaming Gophers:

Chris actually enjoyed the wakeup call for the Screaming Gophers, since he didn’t do anything at all.  Izzy’s eyes instantly shot open, she jumped out of the window, onto the roof and began to crow like a rooster.
“Izzy are you kidding me?”  Eva screamed.
“People are trying to get beauty sleep, rage-zilla.”  Dakota scoffed.
“We’re not anymore.”  Dawn yawned and the others gasped, at her sleeping upside down.

In the boys’ side as on cue, Brick’s alarm went off.  The cadet jumped out of bed and saluted.
“Cadet McArthur is awake.”  Brick said.
“Nice job jarhead, so am I.”  Noah growled.
“This isn’t a party at all, bro.”  Geoff yawned.
“As a possum scout, I’m ready for anything!”  Harold cheered, getting up and accidently punched Alejandro in the face.
“Dios mío, what is wrong with you?”  Alejandro yelled.
“Sorry.”  Harold chuckled, sheepishly.
“The Lightning is sch-wake!”  Lighting cheered and knocked the other five into the side of the cabin.
“This better be worth the money at the end.”  Noah said.

Noah – The things people will do and tolerate for money.
Eva – Look I’m fine with no sleep, but rooster imitations?  If she wasn’t my ally, she’d be gone. *crosses arms*
Brick – I don’t think the others liked my alarm clock, but I refuse to change my schedule for this competition.  Thought it may affect any friendships. *chuckles nervously*
Dawn – Early rising doesn’t affect my chi much, I get to see the sun rise and here the songs of the beautiful birds.

Chris pulled out his bullhorn and played it to wake up the Turtles. Leshawna was sound asleep, when the bullhorn went off and she shot up, falling out of bed.
“Do I look like a farmer to you?”  Leshawna yelled from the window.
“No, but that was still fun.” Chris laughed. “Get down here on the double campers.”

The Turtles exited the Luxury Cottage feeling rested.
“Alright campers your next challenge starts in 1 minute.” Chris said.
“I don’t think that’s enough time for breakfast.” Cameron said.
“Oh don’t worry you’ll get breakfast after you complete a run around the campgrounds.” Chris smiled.
“Oh so you’re funny, now?” Eva roared and went to attack, but was held back by Alejandro and Lightning
“Eva get a hold of your temper.” Izzy said.
“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Eva asked Chris.
“A little.” Chris smiled.

Courtney – That girl Eva needs to get control on her temper.  So far she’s thrown her suitcase out a window and broken one of the locks on the bathroom doors.

The campers were all running at their own paces.  Heather was walking with her arms crossed and saw Leshawna on the ground.  
“Can’t go on.” Leshawna panted.
“Try not overeating.” Heather sneered.
“You skinny, white………whoo too tired to make insults.” Leshawna panted.

Heather – I don’t run, especially not in cork heel wedges.
Eva – Chris is testing my patience is all I’m saying *tries to calm down and punches a hole in the confessional*

Most of the teens sat waiting in the mess hall.  Harold and Beth finally came running through, completing their teams.  B and Cameron came through, last.
“We won, yes!” Jo cheered.
“Not exactly.”  Chris said.
“What do you mean?”  Dakota asked.
“This was just the first part of the challenge.”
“Okay someone is about to get beat down.” Eva growled.
“I wouldn’t do that, because you’d miss out on this.”  Chris said, revealing a stuffed buffet table.

Staci – It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
Gwen – After three days of Chef’s crap, I almost cried.

The campers were all groaning on the floor with bloated stomachs.  Chris looked around and chuckled.
“Do we win now?”  Heather asked.
“Nope now it’s time for the real challenge. It’s an Awake-a-thon!” Chris cheered.
“An a-what-a-thon?”  Lindsay asked.
“I’ll explain at the campfire pit, if you’d all follow me.”  Chris said and then followed him.

Leshawna – Okay this dude, is testing my patience.  But little Leshawna came to win and that’s what I intend to do.
B - *B sighs and shakes his head in annoyance*
Heather – Chris intends on annoying us at every angle, so I’ll have to deal with it and then I’ll vote every single one of them off.

They all entered the campfire pit, looking annoyed at Chris.  Beth was sitting with Katie, Courtney and Zoey.  Gwen and Troy sat together, while avoiding their team.  Geoff sat with Brick.  Lindsay and Tyler were holding hands.  Heather strategically sat with Sierra, B and Mike with a plan in mind.  Duncan sat next to Katie, who giggled and blushed.  Courtney shoved Duncan off the stump, the punk grumbled under his breath and sat with Scott.  Harold sat with his so called alliance; of him, Lightning and Alejandro.  Trent and Zeke sat next to each other, blushing.  Bridgette sat with Anne Maria and Leshawna with Cody following them, his eyes on Bridgette.  Noah, Eva and Izzy followed in together.  Sadie sat next to Katie, who Courtney tried to push.  She failed and Sadie shoved her off the stump.  Justin walked in catching loving giggles from the girls.  Dakota sat behind him and blushed.  Cameron sat next to Troy followed by Stacie.  Jo sat down and exchanged glares with Courtney.  Dawn sat down next to Izzy, with a Zen look on her face.  Jasmine sat next to Leshawna, as Sam and Jose were the last to file in.
“Alright campers so now it’s time to explain the challenge……”  Chris started.
“Um Chris, can I take a rain check?  I’m tired from all the running and eating.  My Great-great-great-great-great-great Uncle Leo, made beds for sleeping not stumps or the ground.”  Stacie said.
“No!  Because if you do, you’ll lose the challenge.  The last two teams standing or last two team members, will win the challenge.  The other two teams will send one more camper home.”  Chris smiled.

Stacie - *snoring*
Jose – Of course a challenge, to wreak havoc on my beautiful face.  Of course *facepalms*
Sierra – I have trouble falling asleep all the time, too much sugar I guess.  *giggles*
Zeke – Trent is really cute, eh?  I would like him?

“Well if it wasn’t obvious, the Beavers are already down one.”  Chris said.
Gophers: 10/10 | Bass: 9/9 | Beavers: 8/9 | Turtles: 10/10

Courtney, Zoe, Beth and Katie were together in a group.  Courtney was moving back and forth as the other were trying to stay awake.
“Girls we have to get up, keep moving and your brain stays awake.”  Courtney said.
“Why should we listen to you?”  Zoe asked.
“We’re an alliance.” Courtney said.
“Since when?”  Katie asked.
“We talked about it yesterday.” Courtney said.
“We never agreed.  Plus we’d rather have fun not be bossed around by someone.”  Beth said.
“I’M NOT BOSSY!  I mean, I wasn’t going to be the leader.”  Courtney laughed.
“You weren’t?”  Zoey asked.
“Nope.  I thought Beth could be leader.”  Courtney said.
“Really?”  Beth asked, excitedly.

Courtney – It’s strategy, very simple.  Beth has a need to be popular and wanted, so we make her the leader of the alliance.  It doesn’t mean I can’t control her decisions.
Beth – I get to be the leader! *jumps up and down*

Duncan and Scott were talking and laughing.  Heather was talking with B, Mike and Sierra.
“So we should be an alliance.”  Heather said.
“Oh I so agree.”  Sierra nodded, energetically.
“I don’t know, about it.” Mike said.
“Really?  Because I can make your life hell here.”  Heather whispered, in Mike’s ear.
Mike’s eyes went wide and he gulped.
“On second thought, why not?”  Mike laughed nervously.
“B, you just have to nod.”  Heather said, looking at the silent giant.

Poor B looked out of it, he was swaying back and forth with heavy eyelids.  
“B, hello?”  Heather asked, annoyed.
Suddenly there was a big thump, as B hit the ground.
“Timber!”  Duncan yelled and Scott laughed.
Suddenly Katie screamed, as Sadie collapsed on her and knocked her out.  Anna Maria and Bridgette were shaking Leshawna, who was asleep on the ground.
“So that’s four more down.”  Chris laughed.
“But Katie’s unconscious!”  Courtney yelled.
“She’s also not awake.”  Chris laughed.

Courtney - *just stares at the camera* There’s not even any reason to argue with him.

Gophers: 10/10 | Bass: 8/9 | Beavers: 7/9 | Turtles: 8/10

Zeke and Trent were sitting side by side and flirting.
“I’ve never liked a guy before.”  Zeke blushed.
“Well there’s no rush Zeke, but you’re just adorable.”  Trent smiled.
“Aw shucks.”  Zeke blushed.
“You two are so cute.”  Zoe giggled.
“Thank you.” Trent smiled.

In boredom Jasmine made her way over to Troy, exactly when Gwen got up to go to the bathroom.
“So hey Troy.”  Jasmine said, grabbing his chest seductively.
“Um……hi.” Troy said, feeling himself get hard.
“Someone’s happy.”  Jasmine purred, let her hand travel south.
“Okay, woah!”  Troy jumped.
“Hands off Juliet!”  Gwen yelled and shoved Jasmine to the ground.
“What was that for?” Jasmine yelled, dusting off her clothes.
“For trying to seduce my brother.”  Gwen growled.
“Better watch who you cross, Halloween Reject!” Jasmine yelled.
“Don’t cross me either, Drama Queen!”  Gwen growled.
“Let’s go Gwen.”  Troy said, dragging her off.

Jasmine – Goth ball better watch herself or she’ll be on the boat, back to planet weird.
Gwen – I’ve only know the girl 2 days and I already can’t stand her.  Hopefully I can convince the others to give her the old’ heave ho.

Chris was looking at his watch and started chuckling.
“Those sleeping pills should be kicking in now, right Chef?”  Chris asked.
“Yep.”  Chef laughed.

The campers gasped as; Dakota, Dawn, Sam, Beth, Zoe, Cameron and Jasmine fell asleep.

Gophers: 8/10 | Bass: 6/9 | Beavers: 5/9 | Turtles: 8/10

Zeke and Trent laid head to head, watching the stars.
“So where’s the big dipper again?”  Trent asked.
“Go to the little dipper and go to the end of the handle, where the North Star is.  Diagonally left is the big dipper.”  Zeke said.
“Oh I see it now.”  Trent smiled.
“Seeing the stars like this, makes you feel so alone.”  Zeke said.
“Yeah, but with each other we’re not alone.  Trent said, grabbing Zeke’s hand causing him to blush.
“I could lay with you like this forever.”  Zeke smiled.

Trent – I’ve never felt this way before and hopefully Zeke and I can be in it for the long haul.
Zeke – I’ve started to accept this.  It’s still weird and new, but I’m enjoying it.

Gwen sat next to Troy, who was really tired.  He had also just gotten off, thanks to Jasmine.
“Are you okay, little bro?”  Gwen asked.
“What is with that girl?”  Troy asked.
“She’s nuts, I’m gonna get her voted out.  This competition is hard enough without her.”  Gwen said.
“Just be careful, please.”  Troy pleaded.
“I will, don’t worry.”
Gwen approached Lindsay and Tyler making out, sitting down next to Lindsay.  She tapped the blonde on the shoulder.
“Oh, hi Greta.”  Lindsay smiled.
“So I wanted to ask you two a favor.”  Gwen said.
“Sure, what’s up?”  Tyler asked.
“If we lose vote off Jasmine, she’s a pain in my ass.”  Gwen said.
“I’m all for it, she said I’m not athletic.”  Tyler growled.
“Yeah, that’s crazy.  You’re amazing.”  Gwen said, rolling her eyes.
“Exactly, watch this backflip.”  Tyler cheered.

Tyler jumped in the air and landed on his head directly on his stump.  He slumped to the ground unconscious and Gwen gasped.
“Oh no, Taylor!”  Lindsay cried and ran to his side, to only trip and land face first into the stump.
“Nice job Gwen, you knocked out two of your teammates.”  Chris laughed, which only got a glare.

Troy – Didn’t I tell her to be careful?  *sighs* That’s my sister for you, always defending me.  I guess it’s up to me, to now defend her.
Gwen – Did that seriously just happen?  *facepalms* Hopefully I can perform some damage control.

Gophers: 8/10 | Bass: 6/9 | Beavers: 3/9 | Turtles: 8/10

Now speeding through Chef’s Sugar Plum Dance and some boring Lullaby music; Scott, Anna Maria, Noah, Harold, Alejandro, Jose, Justin, Cody, Sierra, Trent, Brick, Izzy, Mike, Bridgette, Heather and Zeke had fallen asleep.  With left the Final 8: Geoff, Lightning, Eva, Courtney, Jo, Gwen, Troy and Duncan.

Duncan – So yeah being the last on my team does bite, but I’ll pull it out if not………well I’ll point the finger at someone else.  I will not go home this early.  *smirks and starts whittling*
Troy – So it’s down to me and Gwen, we can either pull it out or maybe throw it to vote out Jasmine.  Oh the possibilities.
Lightning – Scha-Lightning the sexy beast, will win it for his team.  I’m Schamazing! *flexes*
Jo – So it’s down to me and Courtney, obviously I’m the stronger competitor and this is the perfect to show my team the truth *smirks*

“So the eight of you left, please stay but the rest of you go hit the showers, you stink!”  Chris said.

*The screen shimmers and Izzy appears wearing a lab coat*
“Now it’s time for Professor Izzy to break the fourth wall.  Our author has gotten lazy and will simply speed up to the results. So Izzy decrees that the Gophers and Bass will win!”  Izzy said.
*The screen shimmers back to normal, with Jo and Eva remaining awake*

“So Jo and Eva win it for the Gophers and Bass. That means Turtles and Beavers, again, will be voting off a player.  So pick your favorite loser and I’ll see you both tonight.”  Chris smiled.

Eva – I knew I’d win it for my team, I’m so tough not even sleep can take me down. *smirks and collapses face first on the floor*
Jo – Now let’s hear Courtney call me useless, that girl better watch her back.
Duncan – Voting someone off?  Yeah it kinda sucks, but as long as it’s not me.
Gwen – Here’s to hoping I can get Jasmine eliminated.

Titanium Turltes –
Duncan and Scott sat in a corner of the room, with Heather in the center of the room with Mike, Sierra and B around her.  Leshawna, Anne Maria and Bridgette sat together with Cody edging closer to Bridgette.
“So who are we voting off?”  Heather asked.
“I’m sick of you if we’re being honest.”  Leshawna said.
“Well then maybe I’ll just vote your big butt off the show.” Heather said.
“Oh hell no, you did not just go there.”  Leshawna said, standing up.
“Just because me and Leshawna have big booties to shake and show off, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be proud.”  Anne Maria, said standing next to Leshawna.
“I’m sure they make expensive bikinis with big butts in mind.”  Heather laughed.
“Whoa, whoa, let’s calm down girls.  No need to fight, anyone else have any input?” Bridgette asked.
“I say let them keep fighting, cat fight baby!”  Duncan cheered.
“Yeah!  Wait where are the cats?”  Scott asked confused.
“A chick fight Scott.”  Duncan said.
“So there’s gonna be chickens?”
“Girl fight, dude.”  Duncan said annoyed.
“Right I knew that, bring it on!”  
“Yeah the moments passed, let’s vote out Big B.”  Duncan said.
B got scarred and viciously shook his head.  Then he pointed to Duncan and made a cut your throat motion.
“Looks like B, says we vote out Duncan.”  Mike said.
“Why because I fought for our team’s safety?  He was out first, weak effort.”  Duncan scoffed.
“So it’s between B silent or B silent or I punch you?  Sounds good.”  Heather said and left with B, Mike and Sierra in tow.

Heather – B or Duncan leaving doesn’t affect me.  Obviously I’d like B to stay he’s in my alliance for now and Duncan is disgusting, perverted and causes drama.  Honestly that’s my job, to cause drama.  So get out of the way bad boy.

Rabid Beavers –
Gwen and Troy were frantically trying to get people to listen to reason, because Jasmine had been running her mouth.  Lindsay and Tyler were sadly both barely conscious, Sadie and Stacie being the followers they were, sadly were clinging to Jasmine.  Justin and Cameron were both too self-absorbed and scared to even be talked with.  
“Cameron can you help us?”  Troy asked the Bubble Boy.
“I can try, but I’m not very strong in persuasion.” Cameron said.
“Anything you can do, I’d appreciate.”  Gwen said and kissed the top of his head.

Titanium Turtles Bonfire 1 –
Duncan and Scott sat down next to each other, Anne Maria, Bridgette and Leshawna sat in front of them, they gave a glare to Heather as she sat with her alliance and Cody sat down with Scott ogling Bridgette’s butt.  Chris walked up to the Turtles and they all gulped.
“You’ve all cast your votes and made your decision.  There are only 9 marshmallows on this plate.  When I call your name, come up and claim your marshmallow.  The camper who does not receive a marshmallow must immediately return to the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers and leave.  And you can never come back, ever.  The first marshmallow goes to………Scott
…Anne Maria
…and Heather.”
“Campers this is the final marshmallow of the evening and it goes to Duncan!”

B slumped on his stump and a lot of gasps were heard.
“Sorry buddy, it’s time to catch the boat of losers and wait for the Rabid Beavers loser.”  Chris said.

Sierra and Bridgette gave B hugs, while Cody and Mike fist bumped him.  He slowly made his way onto the boat and Duncan ate his marshmallow in celebration.

Gwen and Troy walked in together and sat alone.  Stacie, Sadie, Jasmine and Justin all filed in together.  Tyler and Lindsay walked in with bandages on their heads and Cameron sat next to Gwen.  Jasmine cleared her throat and Cameron got an evil glare, he gave Gwen an apologetic glare and ran over.
“Now you’ve all cast your votes and I only have 8 marshmallows on this plate.  If you don’t receive a marshmallow you’ll join Silent B on the Boat of Losers.  The first marshmallow goes to Stacie…
…and Troy.”
“I know you are all ready to sleep, so I’ll make this quick, savvy?  The last marshmallow goes to Jasmine.”
“Gwen, no!”  Troy cried.
“Gwen’s time is up, to the dock of shame.”  Chris smiled.
“How could you all vote off Gwen, over Jasmine?  She’s awful!”  Troy cried.
“Regardless it’s Gwen’s time to go.  You’ll do fine, win it for us.  Gwen smiled and hugged Troy.

Chris escorted the Goth Girl to the Boat of Losers and Troy waved with Tyler, Lindsay and Cameron as it faded into the darkness.

Troy – If Jasmine thinks this is over, she’s sorely mistaken.  She’ll find her stay her shorter then she wanted.
Jasmine – I’m two for two and for all the haters, sorry I’m so good at this game.

“With that Gwen and B join the losers.  So will Jasmine survive with racking up enemies?  Is anyone surprised Staci is still here?  How long will Zeke and Trent last?  I give it a week, but anyway find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!”

Heather – I’ve decided two is more than enough for me to control, so I’ll vote out B
Duncan – Like I’m leaving this early, see you later B
Bridgette – Duncan is so cruel, I just need to vote him out.  I know Katie likes him but I can’t have him on my team.
Leshawna – Look B is a sweetheart but when push comes to shove, talking is a better asset.  So hun.
Cody – Look I’m friends with B, time for Duncan to leave.  It’s not like anyone will miss him.
Sierra – Sadly Heather said, we have to vote off B.  I am gonna miss him, but here’s for my alliance.  *giggles crazily*
B - *holds up a picture of Duncan*
Mike – I’m voting for Heather, I hope she doesn’t find out.  *looks nervous* I can’t vote off B.
Scott – Bye bye, Big B.  *smirks*
Anne Maria – Look B’s a nice guy and all, but Duncan is hot.  So yeah, keeping the hottie around.

Total Votes:
Heather – B
Duncan – B
Bridgette – Duncan
Leshawna – B
Cody – Duncan
Sierra – B
B – Duncan
Mike – Heather
Scott – B
Anne Maria – B

B – 6 votes
Duncan – 3 votes
Heather – 1 vote

Gwen – I’m voting for Jasmine and hoping I have enough votes, to get rid of her.
Lindsay – I’m voting off Jasmine or Gwen was it.  I can’t remember.  *she’s holding her head* *Jasmine comes in and whispers in Lindsay’s ear* Oh right your name is Gwen
Tyler – Lindsay and I decided to vote together, so whoever she voted.
Sadie – Jasmine said to vote off that grim loner Gwen, sounds good to me.
Justin – I’ll be voting off Gwen *looks in his mirror* Sorry Gwen.
Cameron – I really hope Jasmine doesn’t hear this, but I’m voting her off.
Staci – I’m sorry I’m voting with this horrible bitch Owen, but I vote for Gwen
Troy – I’m voting for Jasmine, clearly

Gwen – Jasmine
Lindsay – Gwen
Tyler – Gwen
Sadie – Gwen
Justin – Gwen
Cameron – Jasmine
Staci – Gwen
Troy – Jasmine

Gwen – 5 votes
Jasmine – 3 votes

Next time on Total Drama Island, the campers skills are put to the test.  It’s time to play some dodgeball baby, so who’s a sore loser?  Find out next time on Total Drama Island!

VOTED OUT: Owen, DJ, B, Gwen

Remaining Campers:
Screaming Gophers: Geoff, Harold, Noah, Eva, Izzy, Alejandro, Brick, Dawn, Lightning and Dakota (10)
Killer Bass: Beth, Trent, Katie, Zeke, Courtney, Jo, Zoey and Sam (9)
Rabid Beavers: Lindsay, Tyler, Sadie, Justin, Cameron, Staci, Jasmine and Troy (8)
Titanium Turtles: Heather, Duncan, Bridgette, Leshawna, Cody, Sierra, Mike, Scott and Anne Maria
Vore Tournament 2 Teaser 5 by Constorion89
Vore Tournament 2 Teaser 5
Romeo, Larxene, Katie and Raimundo, join the fray making the total 16.

Line Up So Far:

Peter Pan - Once Upon a Time

Heather - Total Drama Series

Princess Peach - Mario Series

Justin Law - Sou Eater

Toshiro Hitsugya - Bleach

Katarina DeCouteau - League of Legends

Miss Martian - Young Justice

Grimmjow Jaggerjaque - Bleach

Deidera - Naruto Shippuden

Millianna - Fairy Tail

Angel - Fairy Tail

Malzahar - League of Legends

Romeo - Fairy Tail

Larxene - Kingdom Hearts

Katie - Total Drama

Raimundo - Xiaolin Series 


Blue Smiley Face - Veteran Male Competitor

Pink Heart - Veteran Female Competitor

Yellow Sun - New Male Competitor

Purple Moon - New Female Competitor
Competitor Number 16 - Raimundo by Constorion89
Competitor Number 16 - Raimundo
Our fourth male veteran is Raimundo.  His character is so fun to write, here's hoping he'll last longer.

He'll use the the wind and kung fu skills to blow the competition away.

Leave your thoughts below 
Competitor Number 15 - Katie by Constorion89
Competitor Number 15 - Katie
Our fourth female newcomer is Katie. 

She's giggly, bubbly and has a strong fire inside of her.  Can't wait to write her in battles.

Leave your thoughts below
Competitor Number 14 - Larxene by Constorion89
Competitor Number 14 - Larxene
Our fourth female veteran, Larxene.  We always need a good villain.

Larxene's vanity and viciousness are always a vicious combo

Leave thoughts below


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So yeah I've been watching Total Drama Pahkitew Island in Italian and here's my take on it so far.


Characters/Eliminations So Far:

1) Beardo (Be-air-do) - Was beyond obvi he was going first, even if it wasn't leaked.  Though I have to say at least he can talk

unlike B.  B was a great concept, but it got old.

2) Leonard - Couldn't stand him even in Italian, good riddance.  You can't really make a long character plot out of this.

3) Amy - To be honest, I love how Samey screwed her but her dismissal was way too early.

4) Rodney - Most annoying character I swear.  Yes there is one thing as a hopeless romantic, but he was a brainless romantic.  

Good riddance big guy.

5 & 6) Samey and Amy (again) - It would've been so much better, if they let Amy back in the game and they got rid of anyone else.  
Great promise in bringing Amy back, but again they screwed it up.  Hasta La Vista Twins :(

7) Topher - So sad Topher left, not to mention again how obvious it was.  It would've been funnier, if he would've turned against 

Chris in the end.  But no he was so obsessed, he got double crossed by his idle.  So sad :(

8)  Dave - I loved Dave and Sky, which is one reason why I hate Sugar.  Granted I also hate Jasmine, who turned Sky against Dave.  
Damn you evil Amazon woman!  So of course in the end Dave quit for his love interest.

9) Scarlett - Her character was really boring, till she went crazy and tried to blow up the island.  But of course it was her final episode.

10) Max - To be honest, his character was growing on me.  The faux paux Super Villian thing was hysterical, but he gloats and joins 

Scarlet in the cannon?  Explain to me how that makes sense.

Yes, for those of you who have been keeping track, we're down to Final 4.

Jasmine, Sky, Shawn and Sugar.

My Prediction:

4th place:  Jasmine or Sky

- Preferred loser:  Jasmine

Her and Shawn's romance is adorable, but now it's together, they might as well boot her before they mess up another romance.  

Let's be honest.

- Non Preferred Loser: Sky

They could just boot her because, she's so sweet and she can be with Dave.  Though I don't want her to go.

3rd place: Sugar

She's definitely been the main antagonist throughout the season.  Granted the others minus Mal, have a leg up on her.  She got rid

of Ella, by tricking her.  Dave by turning him and Sky against each other, then he quit.  She may have one more in her, by splitting 

up Jasmine and Shawn.

Runner Up: Shawn

I do love Shawn, one of my new faves but their have been more male winners.  So let's give Sky a chance to win.

Winner: Sky

She's athletic, likeable and she's done some soul searching.  I believe she deserves it, even though they got rid of the characters in 

a weird order but let's face it.  She def does deserve it.

- Alright kiddies leave your comments below.

~ Con
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