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I know I've writen about it a while ago, but now it's hitting Deviantart.   So here are the simple bios of my 22 Oc's.


Selena is the type of girl, that doesn't know what the word "no" means. Thanks to her father being a millionaire, she's never had any money problems or cared about them. Her best friends are: her worshipers at school, her credit cards and her Yorkie, Cupcake. Since everything has always been handed to her on a silver platter, she believes this game will be a piece of cake and she might as well already be given the check. But if there's something Selena can't turn down beside money it's a challenge. She would love the check right, but slowly taking away the others chances is a lot more fun. She's told our interviewers that the others better watch out and she'll be put in the Total Drama Hall of Fame after her game play to the end.

She may say she joined the show for the challenge, but in all reality her parents thought of the idea. Her parents were at the bottom of food chain, but in Peru and her father worked his hardest to get where he is now. He knows it's him and his wife's faults that their daughter is such a brat, so they decided it was time for Selena to understand the real world; where people don't worship you daily, your not sleeping in a king size custom bed and money is as common as night and day. Mr. Perez convinced his daughter by saying she had nothing to do over the summer and she'd love the challenge. Granted the Total Drama competition is way more then the Perez's wanted their daughter to experience, but at least she'll experience real life.

When Selena was younger she young and naive letting people walk all over her. One incident in particular one girl pointed out to Selena she was rich and could have whatever she wanted. Selena decided to teach these people a lesson and using her money to her aide became the biggest snob, losing her kindness for good. Her older brother Ricardo wants his sweet sister back and hopes she can stay long enough to let the world see her sweet side. The only question is, with her being such a snob is that possible?

So will the rich brat end up on top or will the others dethrone her? One thing's for sure, she's not going down with out a fight. 

Selena Quote: "Heather." Heather said, extending her hand and Selena put a five dollar bill there and closed her hand.

"What's this for?" Heather snapped.

"That's all your worth to me, you're not tricking me into an alliance you manipulating cow. I plan to win on my own." Selena smiled evilly and turned to get in line.


Long black hair usually in a ponytail, brown eyes, designer clothes, stiletto heels and Cupcake in her purse.

LIKES: gold, jewels, getting her way and miniature dogs

DISLIKES: Dumb jocks, knock off purses, authority and wannabes

KNOWN FOR: Setting fashions and making others feel beneath her

Why TDG- She wants to prove, no matter how mean a person is they can still win and beat the good guys


Dallas is one of those hard core bodybuilders, meaning lifting weights is his life. He's not much of a bully himself, but everyone tends to think so because of his large stature. He can be very friendly, but isn't an easy person to get to know


Spiked up black hair, brown eyes, huge muscles, usually wears a wife beater and Lycra shorts and Nike's

Likes- Lifting, protein shakes, showing off and Neapolitan ice cream.

Dislikes- Weaklings, soda, brainiacs, whiny girls and math tests.

Known For- Being the strongest guy at his school and showing off for the ladies.

Why TDG? - To put his strength to good use and destroy the competition.

Kimmiko Chen (The Japanese Firecracker)


Bright pink hair and dark eyes. She usually wears green goggles on her head, bright yellow or orange shirts, a pink dressed, crazy socks and go go boots.

Likes- Pop music, kimonos, flying, neon colors and pineapple soda.

Dislikes- Rock music, stereotypes about Asians, the colors grey and white and coffee

Know For- Being crazy, outgoing and swimming in her kimono.

Why TDG?- She wants to show the world a crazy girl can go all the way.

Gordon (The Chef)


Orange hair and blue eyes. Usually wears a regular white tee and jeans.

Likes- Cooking meals, always being right, being praised for his skills and red bikes.

Dislikes- Eating meals, he didn’t cook, being wrong, being hated and trucks.

Known For- Having the cooking skills of a Master Chef and a short amount of patience.

Why TDG?- He wants to prove his cooking skills aren’t the only skills he has

Ginger (The Fan Girl)


Orange hair in pig tails and big round glasses. Usually wears a white shirt and orange skirt w/ flip flops.

Likes- The TDI guys (except for Owen), poetry, boy bands and elephant training.

Dislikes- Owen, rap, American Idol and poachers.

Known For- Being obsessed with teenage guy stars and following her school crushes to classes

Why TDG? - To prove the underdog can do the unthinkable.

Troy (The Copy Cat)


Tall with brown hair and blue eyes. He usually wears a blue baseball cap, orange t-shirt and brown jeans.

Likes- Mimicking people’s actions, licorice, following his sister around and sports

Dislikes- Mimes, marzipan, his sister telling him to go away and karaoke.

Known For- Following his big sister Gwen around, cuz the two are best friends.

Why TDG? - He missed his older sister and he wants to prove if she can’t win, he can.

Mike Bradley (The Mechanics Twin)


Semi long blond hair, blue eyes and a muscular build. He usually wears a baseball cap, a button up shirt, usually open to show off his chest, jeans and sandals.

Likes- Cars, motorcycles, broken engines and kiwis.

Dislikes- Gas powered cars, bugs, teases and cats.

Known For- Living in the garage, at home and at school.

Why TDG? - To go to the end with his twin sister, Mabel.

Mabel Bradley (The Make-Up Twin)


Long blond hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. She usually wears one of her pink tops, a jean skirt and sandals.

Likes- Lipstick, blush, eye shadow, making perfume and birds

Dislikes- Going natural, physical violence, church and cats.

Know For- Wearing make-up at all times and living in the Cosmetology lab.

Why TDG?- To help the other girls wear make-up right and to make it to the end with her brother

Jasmine (The Actress)


Short brown hair and dark eyes. Usually wears her teal cap, her choker, teal tank top, blue jean skirt and pink sandals.

Likes- Showing off, her best friend Leshawna, setting people up and guys.

Dislikes- Cocky people, Harold dating her best friend, people using others and jealous girlfriends.

Known For- Being the biggest actress in the school and having all eyes on her.

Why TDG? - To hang with her girl, Leshawna and get her a better man.

Isabelle (The Singer)


Long blond hair, blue eyes and a musical voice. She usually has her hair in a ponytail, her star covered white tank top, glittery white jeans, high heeled wedges and her golden star earrings.

Likes- Singing, karaoke bars, geeks and the color pink.

Dislikes- Lip synchers, party people with two brain cells, jocks and the color black.

Know For- Singing for whoever asks or doesn’t and never being able to stay in a long standing relationship.

Why TDG?- To make friends and hopefully get discovered while on the show.

Bryce (The DJ)


Blond hair, brown eyes and a little on the tall side. He usually wears his big headphones, either on his ears or around his neck. baggy t-shirt, baggy jeans and skater shoes.

Likes- All types of music, giant headphones, trampolines and Chucks.

Dislikes- Music haters, those tiny new headphones, water beds and sandals.

Known For- DJing every high school party during the school year and hitting on girls.

Why TDG? - To rock his way to the end of the competition, using his smooth skills.

Nissi (The Belly Dancer)


Long black hair, dark brown eyes and dark tanned skin. Sari designed shirts, jeans, flip-flops and golden bangles.

Likes- Indian food, tube tops, bangles and glitter.

Dislikes- Fast food, sweaters, silver and glue.

Known For- Showing off her body around school and being the center of attention.

Why TDG? - To dance her way around all obstacles and be the last one standing.

Sheldon (The Complainer)


Short with short black hair and dark eyes. Usually wears a simple t-shirt and jeans w/ Chucks.

Likes- Being relaxed hot tubs, ginger snaps and reptiles.

Dislikes- Being wrong, being corrected, peanut butter and preppy girls.

Known For- Complaining and blaming everyone but himself in everything that goes wrong.

Why TDG?- To help himself lighten up and not take everything so seriously.

Enrique (The Suave Guy)


Greased back long black hair, dark eyes and a goatee. He usually wears under shirts, boarding shorts and casual sandals.

Likes- the Meringue, charming girls, French, tank tops and tattoos.

Dislikes- Grinding, being dissed, speaking only English, turtle necks and overly muscular girls

Known For- Being the most desirable guy at his school and having excellent dancing skills

Why TDG?- To make the girls swoon so he can be given his check at the end.

Rosemary (The Ballerina)


Long brown hair,usually up in a bun and brown eyes. She usually wears either tank tops or sweaters and black leggings or slacks.

Likes- Dancing, dresses, earrings, caramel corn and high heels.

Dislikes- Being bored, pants, hats, bugs and over hormonal guys.

Known For- Her grace, poise and flexibility.

Why TDG? - To show off her flexibility and hopefully get a boyfriend while on the show

Luke (The Virgin)


Average height, blond hair and green eyes. He usually wears Aeropostale tees, plaid shorts, his silver cross around his neck and a bag of Skittles in his hand.

Likes- His religion, maintaining his innocence, respecting women and Skittles.

Dislikes- Atheists, immoral activities, perverted guys and rabbits.

Known For_ Being the “virgin” in school in more ways than one and always carrying a bag of Skittles.

Why TDG? - For the adventure and to help the guys there respect women more.

Annasuya (The Trapeze Artist)


Long brown hair and blue eyes. Usually wears her favorite white hoodie, black leather skirt and heeled boots.

Likes- leotards, glitter, nesting dolls and flying through the air.

Dislikes- poofy dresses, over protective boyfriends, issues with clothes in school and Dalmatians

Known For- Loving the circus and petitioning for school uniforms.

Why TDG? - To help the other contestants try to understand each other and get along better.

Quentin (The Hip-Hop Dancer)


Red hair, blue eyes and is average height. Usually wears a sweat suit of some kind, but sometimes a t-shirt and shorts, his golden baseball cap, a big golden chain and his golden skater shoes.

Likes- Gold chains, grills, dogs and hip-hop.

Dislikes- Posers, wannabes, cats, opera and soccer.

Known For- Winning Hip-hop competitions around the country and bragging about it anybody who’ll listen

Why TDG? - To see if his dancing skills will get him far.

Norelle (The Awkward Girl)


Long brown hair, usually pulled back and blue eyes. Usually wears a simple t-shirt, jean skirt and her skater shoes.

Likes- Poodles, reading, swimming, monkey bars and blueberry waffles.

Dislikes- Dobermans, comics/anime, modeling, wood chips and French toast.

Known For- Being completely gorgeous except for her braces and her insanely big feet.

Why TDG? - To give her confidence a boost and win something for a change.

Logan (The Track star)


Dirty-blond hair, blue eyes and a slight tan. He usually wears a tight shirt to show off his muscle, boarding shorts and skating shoes.

Likes- Track, running shoes, working out, raw cocoa beans and retro things.

Dislikes- Lazy people, overeating, being bored, chocolate and tiny phones.

Known For-His really big hands, even bigger feet and being called “The Flash” for being really fast.

Why TDG? - For the competition and to take out the weak players.

Sage (The Wicken)


Long black hair w/ pink streaks in it and cat's eye contacts. She usually wears her 1800's style lace tops and long gypsy dresses.

Likes- Incense, fire, ancient rituals and Yule.

Dislikes- Cartoons, the color pink, glitter and mortals.

Known For- Dancing around bonfires late at night in her backyard and have only a handful of friends.

Why TDG?- To use her ancient powers to take down the mortals and win the money.

VJ (The Swimmer)


Tall with brown hair, green eyes and a swimmer's build. He usually wears tight undershirt and jeans.

Likes- Water, sharks, tanning, oranges and Speedos.

Dislikes- Sand, rocks, whalers, chess and swim trunks.

Known For- Wearing tight and revealing clothes, show his muscles and tan body

Why TDG? - To prove a player can be underhanded and sneaky and still win.

I would also love to have any volunteers to draw my OC's or I'll pay.  Either or just let me know.

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