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So yeah I've been watching Total Drama Pahkitew Island in Italian and here's my take on it so far.


Characters/Eliminations So Far:

1) Beardo (Be-air-do) - Was beyond obvi he was going first, even if it wasn't leaked.  Though I have to say at least he can talk

unlike B.  B was a great concept, but it got old.

2) Leonard - Couldn't stand him even in Italian, good riddance.  You can't really make a long character plot out of this.

3) Amy - To be honest, I love how Samey screwed her but her dismissal was way too early.

4) Rodney - Most annoying character I swear.  Yes there is one thing as a hopeless romantic, but he was a brainless romantic.  

Good riddance big guy.

5 & 6) Samey and Amy (again) - It would've been so much better, if they let Amy back in the game and they got rid of anyone else.  
Great promise in bringing Amy back, but again they screwed it up.  Hasta La Vista Twins :(

7) Topher - So sad Topher left, not to mention again how obvious it was.  It would've been funnier, if he would've turned against 

Chris in the end.  But no he was so obsessed, he got double crossed by his idle.  So sad :(

8)  Dave - I loved Dave and Sky, which is one reason why I hate Sugar.  Granted I also hate Jasmine, who turned Sky against Dave.  
Damn you evil Amazon woman!  So of course in the end Dave quit for his love interest.

9) Scarlett - Her character was really boring, till she went crazy and tried to blow up the island.  But of course it was her final episode.

10) Max - To be honest, his character was growing on me.  The faux paux Super Villian thing was hysterical, but he gloats and joins 

Scarlet in the cannon?  Explain to me how that makes sense.

Yes, for those of you who have been keeping track, we're down to Final 4.

Jasmine, Sky, Shawn and Sugar.

My Prediction:

4th place:  Jasmine or Sky

- Preferred loser:  Jasmine

Her and Shawn's romance is adorable, but now it's together, they might as well boot her before they mess up another romance.  

Let's be honest.

- Non Preferred Loser: Sky

They could just boot her because, she's so sweet and she can be with Dave.  Though I don't want her to go.

3rd place: Sugar

She's definitely been the main antagonist throughout the season.  Granted the others minus Mal, have a leg up on her.  She got rid

of Ella, by tricking her.  Dave by turning him and Sky against each other, then he quit.  She may have one more in her, by splitting 

up Jasmine and Shawn.

Runner Up: Shawn

I do love Shawn, one of my new faves but their have been more male winners.  So let's give Sky a chance to win.

Winner: Sky

She's athletic, likeable and she's done some soul searching.  I believe she deserves it, even though they got rid of the characters in 

a weird order but let's face it.  She def does deserve it.

- Alright kiddies leave your comments below.

~ Con
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